Last Summer Gloucester City Centre created a Scrumpty Trail which was a huge success.

Along with our ‘taxi partners’ Andy Cars we sponsored the ‘Hard Boiled Scrimpy which was decorated by artist Jenny Sealy (image attached).

Scrimpy did some serious partying on Saturday nights along Eastgate Street in Gloucester, and when the time came for Scrumpty to find a new home we were unsure of where he should live!

We though how our Scrumpty would best be a benefit to Gloucester, so we sold him for a considerable sum of money, and donated it to the Childrens Ward at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

At Butlers we understand its Gloucester people who make us the success we are, and with this in mind we like to give back, and this is just one of the ways in which we have done recently!

We hope our Scrumpty is happy in his new home …. and we hope one day he might come back to visit!